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As a long term Marais resident, I can attest, yes, the neighbourhood has changed a lot. My favourite bakery (tout au beurre, a few doors dpown from that new fro yo place on the pic) which made the best galette des rois is now a closing store... *le sigh*


"Le Sigh" is right! Dommage ...

— J.A., your Foreign Parts correspondent


Oy! Que c'est dommage! Et quelle horreur de repas! It's one thing to give preference to sightseeing over cuisine, to save money & time. Mais, en ce cas, pourquoi pas aller au Quick, ou prendre un croque-monsieur en flanant, au lieu de payer 30 euros pour quelque chose si truquée?


Les Cotelettes or Le Temps des Cerises?


Ha! Vous avez raison — si j'avais mangé chez Quick au moins j'aurais depensé moins d'argent pour presque la même qualité de la nourriture!

— J.A., your Foreign Parts correspondent

Parisian Fields

There is one nice place on the rue St. Paul. It used to be called Le Rouge-Gorge, but this spring I noticed the name had changed to Mere et Filles. Despite the change, I had an excellent meal there that didn't break the bank. And yes, Le Temps des Cerises (noted in the comment above) is always a welcome haven from too much trendiness.

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