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I would take our weather in Provence any day. I've only been to Paris once when it was actually sunny! However, we've had weird weather as well. 7 days of straight rain last week turned everyone topsy turvy. I've never heard people here say "let's go to the beach Saturday...if the weather is nice". It used to be that good weather was a given!


I just had to comment on "Il fait moche" because I've never heard the expression before! I was always taught (and teach) "il fait mauvais."

Julie, your FP Correspondent

I'm fairly certain that "il fait moche" is slang -- google it, and you'll see what I mean!

J.A., your Foreign Parts correspondent


"il fait moche" is used to discuss weather and I personally love 'moche' and its versatility: "c'est moche" for it's ugly or it's unfortunate. So c'est moche qu'il fasse moche à Paris... and pretty much in all the other cities I visited this past month in France.

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