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Chris Martin

"A French citizen making €90,000 pays 40 percent of her income to receive the same. " This statement is incorrect. A correct statment would be: "A French citizen making €90,000 pays 40 percent of the portion of her income exceeding €69,505. 30% of her income that's in the fourth bracket, 20% of her income that's in the second bracket. So she would be a lot less thant 40 prcent of 90,000."

0 to €5,852 - 0%
€5,853 to 11,673 - 5.5%
€11,674 to 25,926 - 14%
€25,927 to 69,505 - 30%
More than €69,505 - 40%


damn right that the Belgians invented the fries!

btw interesting article!


@Chris Martin: which makes that person's total taxation 23,587, or 26.2%. The US tax structure is set up the same, by the way, so a US citizen filing singly and earning $90K pays $18,920 or 21% - plus state taxes.

Using the couple example, the US couple earning $100K filing jointly would pay $17,375 in Federal tax (not 25K), plus $13,443 in state tax, a total of $30,818. The French couple would pay c27,587.

The point is still valid - Between Federal, state and local income taxes, Americans pay a total tax comparable to or more than the French, and the French get free health care, while we don't.


So I am lucky to live in Paris!!! Even if I think I pay to much income taxes!!!!


I live in France and I do prefer the French fiscal system, but to be fair, you're not including all of the "charges sociales" in these calculations. I've never calculated the differences myself (and I believe it would depend heavily on the state,) but I think we pay a lot more charges in France than in the US.


It would be interesting to add in the 'charges social' as a percentage. Also, if you want a choice of doctors you have to add in the cost of a mutuel.

As an American living in Paris, the French system get unfairly portrayed in the US. Once you compare apples to apples it may be less expensive.


The reason this comparison is invalid is because the US is not planning on overhauling the US tax structure at the same time civilized medicine would be implemented. All those taxes we pay? They are already accounted for. So on top of what we already pay, our government will need to tax 85% of us trillions more to provide healthcare to the 15% of us that are uninsured. Then there's the trillions and trillions of national debt already on the books that me, my children, and their children (if they have any) will have to pay back.

If we want civilized medicine we need to start with a discussion of taxes and how to overhaul the US tax structure first.


I'd be curious to see an apples-to-apples comparison of a "typical" family's total tax bill for a year. You might take, for example, two upper middle-class forty-something couples with two children, each earning roughly the same gross income (perhaps in the 100K range), with one living in San Francisco and the other in Paris, and each having, say, a mortgage and a dog.

I'm guessing that the higher sales tax in France on certain items would be a factor, along with higher fuel taxes, and taxes on rather odd items (do the French still tax TVs?). Similarly, I suppose you might have to account for U.S. expenditures on health care, higher education, and other stuff that the French system provides.


I'd be curious to see an apples-to-apples comparison of my family's current tax bill vs my family's tax bill post ObamaCare. This is the only comparison that has any value (see my previous comments, above, for the reason why).

Once we see the direct comparison between our tax bills pre- and post-ObamaCare, everyone can have a civil debate about what benefits they are willing to stop funding with their current tax dollars in order to fund civilized medicine, while keeping taxes the same or lowering them, and then we'd have a serious proposal and win-win from the people's party (our party).

The fact that Democrats can take a worthy cause and allow- yes allow- it to degenerate into talk of death panels and concern over whether and/or when President Obama is telling the truth proves what a bunch of morons they all are. All they had to do was focus the discussion as mentioned above, and they would have blocked out the noise of Americans that hate other Americans.

So far all that's been proved is that the Democratic politicians are a bunch of in-love-with-themselves morons that can't find their way out of a wet paper sack, with or without using critical thinking skills. Even on an issue so central to our Movement.

Disgusting. They only represent themselves and have no intention of discussing what programs currently funded by tax dollars are wasteful and can be exchanged out for civilized healthcare. Why? Because they don't really care about Americans' health- they care about expanding their power by growing government.

And this is why the people's party cannot convincingly sell a healthcare program to the American people- they are passionate about governmental power and control, not your health and mine!

I'm moving to Canada.


US has the highest deductions anywhere in the world. everything is a tax write off - rent, mortgage interest, school books, home office, mileage, moving expenses, babysitting, children, etc.

So your sample couple in USA who hold a 300k (@75) mortgage would get a 24,000 reduction in their income. They didn't make 100k, they only made 76,000! therefor taxes would be 19,000 + 2152 +8300 =29,452 at it's highest. Various other deductions would easily whittle it down to 25k or less.

Americans pay the lowest NET taxes of anywhere...

Scott C

You also forgot to add in the Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax for the Americans. Together, those are almost 9% of income.


You can't write off everything. Been doing taxes for a long time in several states (all very different) and there are lots of criteria to meet to be eligible for write offs. Plus these write offs usually originate from things like medical bills/student loans and all the other services that are covered in France making write offs almost a moot point. As of 2009 to write off any medical costs they must surpass you standard deduction. So you'd have to pay more than 8k out of pocket before you could finally start your write off tally. I'm sorry but not only is our (US) healthcare/govmnt. screwed up, but so is the information we are spoon fed on how there are no other countries who are more successful than us in many ways. This is very frustrating and ultimately pits citizen against citizen here. Very sad.

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